You’ve just arrived! We are so excited to have you here in our happy home and can’t wait to spend the next little while hosting you. If you'd like, one your hosts will be happy to give you a walk through of the property and explain everything to you in person. Your current host is:



Hey! I'm Sam! I am one of the founding staff members of NomadLife and have been here since the beginning. I focus on on the Operations side of things and come from a history of marketing and development as well as do freelance design on the side as a way to stay creative. I've been dubbed House Mom because my focus is keeping community members happy. Any problem you might be having, I'd love to help you solve it!

BORN: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
HOBBIES: Running, Reading, Petting All Dogs
NEED TO KNOW: I love sweet snacks, sarcastic humour and tea!


In the meantime, we will give you a quick rundown of what NomadLife is and what you can expect.

NomadLife is a community for like minded individuals to network, learn and grow together as a collective. We focus on bringing together the best of the best when it comes to passionate, outstanding ways of life. We provide a space for our community members to live independently and spend their time as they please. While we do have a host on site for any questions, concerns and immediate needs, NomadLife is very different than a hotel or hostel. Please treat this space as you would your own home and the other guests as your roommates.

If there is anything we can do to make your stay more special,
please let us know:

Meanwhile, go ahead and scroll through this page. It will give you all the information you need to make your transition in to the NomadLife community as smooth as possible. Welcome to the house! 



Your Room

Whether your space is a Shared Space, Standard Suite or Master Suite, it should have been sparkling clean upon your arrival with clean sheets and a towel waiting for you. If it was not, or your room is in need of any servicing, please let us know here, otherwise your room will be clean once per week.



The Community

You made the choice to come to NomadLife because you were looking for something a little bit extra. You will find that in the quality of people you are surrounded with. In order to gain the most from your experience here, be sure to fully immerse yourself in your new community. 3-4 times per week you will have activities organized for you by your host, which you can view on the Activity Board in the main room as well as you’ll receive reminders about in the Group Chat.




Catamaran Day

Open Mic Night

Yoga Events

Movie Night

Taco Tuesday

Games Night


Surf Saturday



The Group Chat

We use Facebook Messenger as our main means of communication within the house. Your host should add you upon arrival, however should they not for any reason, any active community member is able to add you or you can click the link below! Please review rules below:

What the Group Chat is NOT for:

Idle Chit Chat
We have a lot of people in the group, so let's keep things efficient and if you’d like to speak to someone directly please send them a direct message.

Alerting Your Host to Issues
 It’s tough for one person to monitor the chat at all times. Please send your host a direct message with any concerns you might have so that they can be taken care of as quickly as possible

We are all working on amazing projects and we want to let our community members know! Instead of using the Group Chat, head on over to the NomadLife Alumni page and post your project there instead. This gives you access to not only current house members, but all NomadLife Alumni since our start!

What the Group Chat is for:

Staying Up to Date with Activities In the House
Your host will keep you information of any goings on in the house each morning with an update on that days activities. Be sure to pay attention and get involved!

Connecting With Other Community Members
Along with host organized activities, we encourage community members to plan their own activities with each other as well! Connect, network, get to know each other! Our community is only as strong as we make it!

Being Alerted of Any Other Important News in the House /  Around Town
If there’s anything going on that we feel the community should be aware of, this is where we'll alert you! From festivals, special events and power outages, it's good to be in the know about our town and your surroundings!




Guest Policy

We have a bit of a tight guest policy and here is why: this house is full of everyone's livelihood. We are lucky enough to have a space where we are able to leave our laptops on a desk overnight, forget our phone in a hammock, drop our purse by the pool while we take a dip etc., but the reality is that not all places outside our walls are as safe. We want to guarantee everyone within these walls the absolute safety of all of their belongings, which as Digital Nomads are our entire life. We do not allow outside guests for extended periods, but we do of course allow you to host any meetings you may have here as well as other circumstances. Please use your best judgement and respect your housemates. If you have anything you think fits into a special circumstance, please talk to your current host.



Meal Plan

Eating meals together as a family is important to community dynamic and we are happy to host family style meals throughout the week. We typically have lunches & dinners Monday - Thursday and lunch on Fridays. We rotate between two weeks of menus which are:

LUNCH      $5      12:30PM
DINNER     $6      6:30PM
** Please ensure you are on time for meals. We are not responsible for saving extras or
adjusting your bill if you have missed your meal.**


In order to take part in the Meal Plan you must:


1. Download Facebook Messenger
2. Search 'Nomad Life Meal Plan' at the top
3. You will see our logo, click that one!
4. Hit Get Started and you're good to go!
5. You will now receive a text each day at 7am to sign up for meals.



Quick Meal Plan Q&A:

How do I pay?
All of your meal costs are added to your tab and are payable upon checkout!

I don't use Facebook Messenger, is there another way to sign up?
Not currently! But the app is very easy to download and does not require Facebook being installed.

I missed the midnight deadline! Is it too late?
It is unfortunately. :( Be sure to remember tomorrow.



Laundry Service

We do have Laundry on site, which is done by our wonderful maid Maria. Find her at any time during office hours and she will take care of it for you. Cost is anywhere from $5 - $7 per day and is the one thing in the house that is NOT included on Your Tab, cash is payable directly to her.



Tab System

All of your meals, taxis, shuttles and any other costs you might incur while at NomadLife (excluding Laundry) are all added onto your tab with us. This is to avoid everyone having to constantly run around grabbing change as well as make things simple for you to see all your costs in one easy spot! If you created a guest account with us upon booking, you should be able to see your current tab at any given time. Please keep in mind all meals are added on your day of checkout.

Important: In order to open your tab and recieve a key to the front gate, you will need to provide your host with one of the following:

credit card

These will be placed in the nomadlife safe and
must be retrieved during your checkout process.




Once you have opened Your Tab, you will be given a key to the front gate of NomadLife. You are responsible for keeping your key on you at all times and should it be lost or you are unable to return it upon checkout for any reason, you will be charged an additional $20 Key Deposit on your final invoice. If you should lose your key at any time, you are able to request a new key from your host, however you will be charged a Key Deposit for any key that is lost.

Looking for a room key?




We have several spaces all over the property which are made for you to work in comfort:

Dining Room Table

  • 10 seats
  • Power nearby
  • Must be cleared prior to meals being served at 12:30pm and 6:30pm

Call Lounge

  • 1 seat
  • Bookable in 1 hour time slots
  • Not to be used as a private office
  • Available after work hours for a quiet lounge area pertaining no calls are booked for the space

The Office

  • 10 seats
  • Indoor
  • AC
  • Quiet zone (No Calls)
  • Powered table which runs on generator power during power outages.
  • First come, first serve seating
  • No savings desks, if you leave please take your computer.

The Gazebo

  • 8 seats
  • Outdoor and community focused
  • Power
  • First come, first serve seating




Staff Hours

We do have staff living on premises at all times, however we do have set business hours. NomadLife staff office hours are:

Monday - Friday - 8:00am - 4:00pm
During Scheduled Activities

'But what if I need something?!'
If you need something immediately and it’s an emergency, please alert your host in person or via messenger if they are not on property. If they are unreachable, please alert Oscar and he will help you.

If it is not an emergency, please contact us and your concern will be dealt with
during regular business hours by your host or our Customer Service team.



Extending Your Stay

If you would like to add extra dates on to your stay, please click below and submit an extension request. Once received, you will either receive an updated booking or someone on our team will contact you to discuss options. Otherwise, you are also able to log in to your booking account that you would’ve initially created with us and add on extra days!




We are able to arrange any type of transport for you with our private driver 24/7, all of which would be added to Your Tab. Here are some general prices:

Managua Airport $80 USD
Granada $40 USD
Penas Blancas $30 USD



Check Out Procedure

Don’t go! Sorry, that was needy of us. The time has come and you’re about to
exit NomadLife, here is what you need to do:

1.You will be sent your tab on your last day if not otherwise
arranged with your host which will need to be cleared.

2. Return your key to your host.
3. Retrieve your Passport, ID or Credit Card.

**IMPORTANT: Checkout hours are between 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday, if you will be leaving at any other times be sure to check in with your host about arranging and alternative check out time. While we try our best to be available as much as possible, hosts do leave the house during off hours and may not be around.**



You're Gone, Now What?

Don't worry, the fun doesn't end there. We remain an active community even after you've left. Please be sure to:



Quick Info

  • Please do not flush the toilet paper.
  • Tap water is not drinkable, but safe to brush your teeth.
  • Most rooms do not have a key as they get lost regularly, but if you would like one please request one from your host.
  • This is a non-smoking house, but you can smoke up on the parking pad in the very back of the house.
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone who is not conducting themselves appropriately within the house or we perceive they have placed our security/guest safety at risk.
  • We do not allow drugs on premises and if you are discovered to have any, you will be removed from our space with no refund.
  • A tip of 5-10% of your stay to house staff is standard, but not required!
  • If you do not know Spanish, don't worry! Please keep in mind we are in a Latin American country and it is not up to everyone in Nicaragua to speak English (or your native language), all house staff are very understanding and more than willing to communicate via translators apps!
  • Please be mindful of any cuts or scrapes. Infection is very common here so please see our staff for any first aid you might need.
  • Click here for a map of town with our favorite spots!

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