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NomadLife is a branch of Life Before Work (LBW), a company dedicated to helping our clients realize their purpose and potential in life through backpacker-style, adventure travel tours around the world. Since the majority of our work is based online, we focused on finding somewhere with an incredible view from our desks, with healthy food readily available and, most importantly, being surrounded by fun, motivated people.

We put a lot of value in meeting the right people; those that are active, working on cool projects, are enjoyable to talk to and have a passion for what they do. We believe that bringing all of these people together in one space will create a really unique work place.

After travelling and working online across 50 countries around the world we have decided it’s time to create the perfect place for digital nomads to work. There is a huge community of people around the globe that work online for various purposes; Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Bloggers/Vloggers, Instagram Influencers, Software Engineers, Social Media Analysts and all sorts of Entrepreneurs that are increasingly looking for a new environment to work in.

Our goal is to establish a space that embodies the perfect balance of work and life to keep you both mentally and physically motivated and happy.


HERe are the faces








Meet some of our past and present members of the NomadLife Community to get an idea
of the sort of amazing people you'll be surrounded with everyday here at the house!

Lauren - Lead Recruiter

"NomadLife was the first stop on my journey and I couldn't have picked a better place. Friendships form so much faster when you're traveling and I'm fortunate to share all the laughs, experiences, and sunsets with such beautiful souls. I find inspiration in learning their stories and knowing that I will leave with so many new friendships and memories."

Zach - Designer/Founder

"I love to work, just don't like working in a traditional office setting. Why work there when you can work anywhere? Especially with technology these day, I don't understand why we need to work out of an office. "

Hana - Founder

"The perfect place to stay focused but still have fun. The team is amazing, and you meet so many like-minded friends along the way. I've worked remotely in SJDS last year, and I wished this place existed back then! If you're considering being productive in a chill environment with lots of fun activities, stay here!"

Ash - Osteopath/Wellness Coach

"There's been a shift in the way we can live, work, and earn money. We live in a world where creativity and doing things differently is now welcomed and opportunities to find a better work/life balance are everywhere. I'm passionate about showing others that this epic lifestyle we live is possible for everyone; and if you don't love what you do, change it."


 Jeremy - Content Creator

"Coming to Nomad Life felt like coming home. Warm hellos, smiles, and welcoming. I first fell in love with Nicaragua in 2008 but it took 7 years at a suit & tie desk job before I realized I was going about my business all wrong. I much prefer work breaks that involve jumping in an infinity pool over waiting in line at Starbucks."

Micaela - Designer/Influencer

"I've learned that dreams won't remain dreams forever for me, I'm willing to put in the work and effort to make each a reality. Work aside, being able to work remotely has made me appreciate life in a whole new way."

Luke - Co-Founder/Content Creator

"After a quick week scouting trip, I booked my ticket right back after a month back in the U.S."


Jenny - Lifestyle Blogger

"NomadLife is a place where work and play can peacefully coincide in an environment that feels like home, with people who feel like family."

Sven - Graphic Designer

"When it came time to leave, I picked up my bag and it felt heavier than usual. I knew I had to stay. Long story short, I extended my stay at NomadLife by over two months because I couldn't bring myself to leave!"

Lianna - Creative Copywriter

"The house truly feels like home.I met some of the most kind, cool, inspiring and intelligent people here - it had such a good vibe and attracts such great people! It was great for business learning, networking and personal growth - I definitely made friends for life."

Averi - Blogger

"After almost 6 months on the road, it was such a relief to land at NomadLife and find an instant family of like-minded thinkers and go-getters from the minute I walked through the door. The collaboration and camaraderie I found here expanded my global network and brought huge value to the projects that I’m currently working on. Whether you are looking to dig in and put in long hours in the office or sit by the pool and enjoy that Nica sunshine (heck, why not both?), you’ll get it here."

Jenny - Co-Founder

"NomadLife far surpassed my expectations. From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted with friendly faces and an amazing home that felt like... well, home! The view is breathtaking, the wifi is fast, the house is secure and walkable to town - it can't be beat."

Craig - Client Services Manager

"Work-life balance at its finest! The people you'll meet at NomadLife and experiences you'll share together will leave you inspired! I strongly encourage anyone fortunate enough to work remotely to visit NomadLife. Be warned though...you may sign up for a week then end up staying a month! I can't wait to go back."

Steph - Growth Lead

"it was so nice to touch down in a place with dependable wifi and to connect with other digital nomads. The location is unbeatable and there are constantly activities both at the house and nearby - yoga, surfing, hikes, etc. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to find a productive working environment, while building super positive relationships."

Calvin - Financial Growth

"In my two months at the house, I met startup founders, internet growth hackers, an Australian novelist, a Brazilian sales guru, emerging logo designers, and more. You just don't get that in many places."

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